March 10th, 2020


список самых прекрасных песен

smells like teen spirit (nirvana)
the man who sold the world (bowie/nirvana)
in the death car (iggy pop)
the passenger (iggy pop)
lust for life (iggy pop)

exit music (for a film) (radiohead)
videotape (radiohead)
street spirit (radiohead)
sad song (byrne)

crystal ship (doors)
people are strange (doors)
do you love me (nick cave)
perfect day (lou reed)
twist in my sobriety (tanita tikaram)
muscle museum (muse)
unintended (muse)
птица (аукцыон)
весна (вопли видоплясова)
paint it black (rolling stones)
ieee (tori amos)
gold dust (tori amos)
imagine (john lennon)
magic doors (portishead)
мусорный ветер (крематорий)
tango (gothan project)
wrong (depeche more)
personal jesus (depeche mode)
dangerous (depeche mode)
das model (kraftwerk)
risington (massive attack)
князь тишины (наутилус)
here comes the sun (beatles)
friday i'm in love (the cure)

close to me (the cure)
clandestino (альбом manu chao)
ночь, группа крови, звезда по имени солнце, черный альбом - альбомы "кино".